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Hi. I started playing cello as an adult beginner at age 37, after spending all my life as a flutist. I love cello! It's an extreme challenge though. I recently started learning all over again from scratch due to a chronic injury. It's going well! Nice new cello, new little house to practice in, teacher who gives me long lessons, sometimes accompanied by a single malt. Life is good! E-mail me if you would like to!

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During the day I'm a registration specialist at the U.S. Copyright Office, which is part of the Library of Congress. So be sure to ask me all your copyright questions. (NOT!) Well, maybe a few would be OK.

Most of the time I'm playing my instruments, reading, eating/drinking, being outside, doing yoga, or staring into space. I'd like to play even more, be outside more, travel more and meet more people. So I'd better get off the internet, eh? See you on CC.

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